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News - Thursday, 28 Nov 1918

Judge John Q.A. Ledbetter departed Monday evening of this week to make his future home in McLeansboro, Ill.
It is with deep regret that we see the Judge leave E'town. For sixty years he has been a resident of our county. During this time he has endeared himself to our people. His active life, his steadfast honesty, his unswerving upright business policy stands our pre_emnenty as the ruling motive of his life.
Judge Ledbetter will be missed not only as a lawyer, as a pillar in the Methodist Church, a much beloved Citizen and a valuable man in every respect.

Little Anna Marie Mayfield, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mayfield, died of Spanish Influenza followed by pneumonia fever at 5:00 o'clock a.m. Tuesday. She was born on Jan. 7, 1914 being 4 yrs, 10 mo, 3 wks old. Interment at I.O.O.F. Cem. Tues afternoon. The entire family are suffering with the disease. The Independent extends sympathy to the bereaved family.

Local and Personal

One of the little daughters of Wylie Mott of our city died of the flu one day last week.

J.W. Hunter was a business visitor to Golconda Monday.

Henry Abby, of Eichorn, was in the Co. Capital on business Tues.

Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Ginger of our city are proud parents of twin babies, a boy & a girl.

Mrs. Della Smith of Harrisburg, Ill. to attend the bedside of her brother, Walter Belt. While here she subscibed for the Independent.

Lloyd Thornton of Tenn., has been visiting relatives here.

D.N. Cox move in the Anna L. Miller house near the Methodist Church, here Sat.

Walter Shewmaker returned to Great Lakes, Ill., the first of the week after spending a few days furlough in the county.

Jarrells of Camp Custer, Mich., is spending his furlough with homefolks near Harris Creek.

Mrs. Ruea Lackey & baby are guests of E.N. Hall's family.

Sam Hosick's family of near Bassett spent Sunday afternoon with E.R. Ferrell's family just north west of town.

Michael Herrmann & son, Lawrence, of Rt. 2 were in town one day last week. They brought their hogs to town selling them to J.B. Dale.

Misses Golda & Golena Hall are suffering with the flu.

John Eichorn, son of Will Eichorn died of the flu at Fairview Wed.

M.M. Pritchard moved from the post office building to Dr. Martin's house. G.R. Moyers moved in the building vacated by Pritchard.

G.R. Long was called to the bed side of his mother near Cairo last wk. Mrs. Ora Moyers assisted in the telephone office during his absence.

Thos. W. Vinyard died of tuberculosis at Hampton, Va., Wednesday ___ ____ ___ home for burial immediately.

News of the County

W.M. Ball of Round Knob, Pope Co., spent most of last week and first of this, looking after business matters in this co.

Mrs. Golden Lacey & baby & little sister, Grethel Ricketts, have been "interned" out at Judge Hall's the past week, to avoid the flu.

Grandma Ricketts of Herrin, Ill, came down last Sat. to spend a few days with George Ricketts fam. They were right sick last wk, but will get out this wk.

A small child of Wiley Mott's died last Fri. and was taken to Pleasant Hill Sat for interment. Mrs. Mott, who has been seriously ill for several days is some better at this writing..

Sheriff elect D.N. Cox & fam. moved to town the latter part of last week, occupying the Miller property eas to the M.E. parsonage, recently vacated by Charley Hess. We extend a cordial welcome to Mr. Cox & fam. to the upper part of town. Mr. Cox will assume the Sheriff's office next Monday.

Asa Reynolds and the young Dr. Claude Griffith were in town last Sat. The latter has rented rooms from J.T. Kibler, and will locate here early in the next month for practice of his profession. Dr. Griffith says all he asks is a chance to show what a Chiropractor can do.

Mrs. Tom Smith of Hbg. came down last Thurs. to attend the bedside of her brother, Walter Belt. She was accompanied by Walter's dau. Walter, who has had a rather severe attack of the flu, is now much better, and his sister & dau. will return home this week.

Those who have killed in action are:

Louis Henry Hossler - Karbers Ridge
Clifford Ferrell - Elizabethtown
Paul C. Rowan - Rosiclare

Those who have died of disease in France are:

Artie O. Ledbetter - Elizabethtown
James Thomas Brown - Lamb

Harris Creek

L.T. Oxford completed a cellar and some carpenter work for S.G. Patton last week.

Mrs. Mary Patton & dau. visited in this community last Sunday.

John Reynolds & family visited at Chas. Sullivan's Sat. night & Sunday.

Earl Patton & wife visited the latter's parents Sunday.

Mrs. Ollive Stanford & smallest child of Flora, Ill., visited her parents Sam Ledbetter & wife & her sister Eathel Barklow who been seriously ill but are some better.

We were sorry to learn of the death of William A. Winters who died of influenza last night, also, John Right and wife of the same disease just a wk. apart as they are near relatives of ours, we sympathy with the bereaft.

Jimmie Lackey and Miss Hester Oxford are now married since our last writing we send congratulations.

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