Hardin County

News - Thursday, 16 Aug 1917

These boys will fight for Uncle Sam: They passed and claimed no exemptions.

Earl Pruett, Pleas Moore, Riley Cubberly, Armel L. Hobbs, John A. Hufsey, George William Womack, John T. Smith, Henry Decker, Fred Lackey, William Victor Schneider, Nathaniel Barnard, Loda E. Millikan, Fred H. Irby, Fred Wheeler, Ernest J. Schneider, Robert Earl Shearer, Robert Gentry, Clifford Ferrell, Clyde Grace, Carl Duncan, Rollie Cox, Loren G. Baker, Harold A. Page, William Henry Birch, Ben Lee Jackson, Charley Hagen, Roy Jones, Jessie Brinkley, Clarence E. Winters, Henry L. Hossler,
Granville Partain, Arthur Dan Frailey, John Thompson

These passed examination and claimed exemption on account of dependent wife and children.

James Dixon, John W. Collins, Harvie L. Hobbs, Charles E. Burris, Clifford Collins, Green B. Vaughn, John Albert Estes, Ollie Story, Elzie H. Tucker, Roy T. Millikan, Henry Ferrell, Fred C. Conkle, Elbert N. Wingate, George V. Winters, Granville Patton, Grover Ledbetter, Wiley Shoemaker, William R. Shore, Willie Partain, Cleveland Denham, Henry Milton Lewis, David Cornell, Orval Gross, Clyde Sheldon, Thomas J. Butler, James Prather, William Oscar Spear, Frank Gerhardt, Lloyd Banks, Hester Lewis, James F. Crowell, James L. Lewis, James E. McCord, Silas N. Moran, Gus Mayfield, Earl L. Garland, Vernon Blaine Soward, Floyd A. Rose, Elmer F. Carter, James L. Gibbs, Ambrose Banks, Herny E. Barnard, Kell McDowell, Phillip H. Ledbetter, Clarence C. Kerr

These claimed other exemptions.

Lewis A. Hoke mother
Archie R. Monroe 3 children
Clifford Mott wife, widowed mother and small brother
John L. Davis widowed mother
James R. Leavell widowed mother
Edward R. Edwards claimed by wife
Howard Spivey wife and mother

These were rejected on account of physical disability

John W. Reynolds, Carlos Sisco, Clyde Vinyard ,Charles J. King, Walter P. Quillin, Thomas Jordan, Edward M. Hulsey, Joseph W. Mason, Martin Eichorn, Cleva Smith, William A. Cornell, Wiley Pennell, William Andrew Joyce, James W. Shewmaker, Wm. H. Paris Frailey, Elmer Gordon Tucker, Thomas Edgar Smith, Walter Vanbiber, Willie Patton, Roy Henry Shetler, Morris Q. Barker, Charles E. Kaegi, James H. Banks, Rula V. Moore, William E. Drumm, Joe Gentry Barnard, Fred A. Reithel, Ivy Kelly Joyner, Horatio Scott, John Miller, William Clarence Love, Jerry Parkinson, Sol Joiner, Clarence M. Morgan

These are to reappear for examination:

Noah Jones, Thomas W. Vinyard, Joseph W. Lewis

These reenlisted for the Army.

Howard Shipp, Thomas J. Jackson

These were ill and could not appear for examination:

John Decker, Herbert C. Downey

Items From Anywhere

Abe Burleson of Mt. Vernon, Ind., brother of Mrs. T.A. Birch, who has been visiting her family for several days, left Saturday night on the Lowry for home.

Grandma Gullett and Miss Gypsy Nichols accompanied Judge Ferrell home last week, and will spend a month with Judge's family in West Frankfort.

Mrs. Maggie Nickols and son, Wilson, are quiet sick, the former suffering from partial paralysis, and the latter from malarial fever. Mrs. Nickols is some better at this writing.

Rev. D.A. Ledbetter attended church at Tower Rock Sunday. His wife and daughter accepted an invitation to take dinner with Mrs. C.L. Hess' family Sunday.

Mesdames Ruth Davis and Pearl Davis came up from Rosiclare last Saturday and spent the day with the formers brother and the latter's father, Isaac Hobbs. One of Mr. Hobbs' little girls accompanied them home for an indefinite sojourn.

Robert Ledbetter came up from Anna, Ill., and spent a few days with homefolks last week. Robt. and wife may both be in the Army soon according to his report. Their training in the hospital at Anna would enable them to render invaluable service to Uncle Sam.

Mrs. G.W. Russell of Hamletsburg, Ill., mother of Mrs. Nannie Hunter, and sister of W.P. Warford, who has been visiting here the past two weeks left for home Saturday morning on the Dorothy. She has had a pleasant visit with relatives here and at Karbers Ridge.

James E. Deaton left last Friday afternoon for Harris Creek, and from there will go to his step-mothers, near Sparks Hill, and on to Shawneetown to visit his brother a few days. Mr. Denton moved into his new office building across the street south of the courthouse last week, in which he is snugly ensconced in a conveniently arranged and well furnished law office, and his hatchslip hangs invitingly on the outside, especialy to prospective clients.

Mrs. Loren Howard, Mrs. Walter Howard and Mrs. Fred Kaylor and two children came up from Rosiclare last Thursday and spent the day with the writer's family. They were accompanied by Mrs. Alice Hughes of Levias, Ky., an old time friend and former citizen of Rosiclare. Mrs. Ida Hampton and her mother of this place also spent the day here, and Mrs. Ella Rose came up in the afternoon. It was a kind of reunion of Rosiclare people and former Rosiclare people and they appeared and claimed to have enjoyed themselves hugely.

"I am so glad" is the expression of all when told that little Elizabeth Henry, who was operated upon for appendicitis a few days ago will recover. It was almost a daily occurence before she got sick to see her holding her two little sisters by the hands going downtown, and no mother ever gave more maternal attention and care to her little tots than did Elizabeth, whose sweet and loving disposition impelled her to bestow on her little ward. Her conduct toward her little sisters elicited the attention and commendation of many mothers, and others of tender sympathies as well.

Mrs. Dollie Tyre and children came down last Thursday morning and visited her parents here, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Birch, until Saturday morning. Her sister Mrs. Mollie Tichner and son, Granville, and Mrs. Ollie Saunders of near Golconda came Thursday morning also, and W.D. Aaron and wife of Peters Creek and Grandma Thornton joined them at Mr. Birch's and they had a kind of reunion of the Thornton and Birch families, and to say they had a regular jollification Thursday and Friday puts it very mildly. They attended the graduation exercises here Thursday night, and some of the larger children attended the teacher's institute Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Tichner and Mrs. Saunders returned home Friday noon, and Mrs. Tyre and children left Saturday morning. They had a real enjoyable time.

Mrs. G.W. Shearer went to Rosiclare Monday, and joining other friends spent a pleasant day with the family of her sister, Mrs. J.W. Miles.

Mrs. Alma Downey of Ford's Ferry, Ky., and Mrs. Gradie McConnell of Cave-In-Rock came down Monday and spent the day very pleasantly with their old time friends Mrs. Ida Hampton and mother.

Karbers Ridge

Mrs. Alexander is reported some better at this writing, but still not much hope for her recovery.

Fred Huble of Murphysboro is visiting in this vicinity at present.

P.J. Engles, Charley Hossler and E. Vinyard are all digging cellars to preserve vegetables for the winter and avoid the high cost of living.

Elmer Vinyard left for Carmi, Ill., the first of the week to visit his sister Mrs. Lora Hughes at that place.

J.W. Flinn's health has been quite poor the past week, but is some better now.

Ezra E. Karber visited in Rosiclare a few days last week. He also made a business visit to Golconda.

John Joyce and wife of Cincinnati, O., are here visiting homefolks at this writing.

Mrs. David Warford left the first of the week for Eldorado to visit her son W.T. Warford and family, of that place.

Several of our boys passed physical examination for military duty at Elizabethtown last week.

Guerney Shipp and family of Buckner, Ill., spent a few days with homefolks here last week. Guerney is enjoying a good barber trade at Buckner.

Next Sunday is Bro. Sheridan's regular appointment at this place. Let a good crowd greet him.

James Hubbs and wife of Murphysboro are here visiting the latter's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Winters. Mr. Hubbs says the crops are fine in his vicinity.

Mrs. Norman Patterson of Rosiclare is moving to her daughter's, Mrs. Jno. Gibbs, just over in Gallatin County where she will make her home.

We overlooked the marriage of Claude Ferrell of Elizabethtown to Miss Gladys Patterson of this place in our items last week.

A sad and fatal accident happened last Sunday near Equality when Everett Jacobs and wife started to visit Mrs. Jacob's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Thos. Simms, who live near Somerset. While driving near Horseshoe Creek the Automobile turned over, killing Mr. Jacobs instantly and dangerously injuring his wife. We did not learn as to further damage. Mrs. Jacob's parents formerly lived here.


H.A. Ferrell and family spent Sunday at Silas Stacey's.

Miss Stella Fricker and brother, Freman, visited at James Robinson's Sunday.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Johnson of Harrisburg visited relatives in this county recently. The latter's daughter, Miss Maude Hicks, accompanied them home for a few weeks visit.

Eugene Rose and sister Maude spent Sunday at Lucian Pankey's.

Fred Ferrell, wife and baby visited relatives in Hicks Sunday.

John T. Baldwin, who has had employment at Joliet the past few months is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Myrtle Stacey, and other relatives in the county.

Aunt Hanna Ledbetter is in very poor health.

Mrs. Baker is visiting with her daughter, Mrs. Milas Robinson.

Silas Stacey and family and George Ferrell spent Sunday of last week at Pleas Rose's.

August Dingler and family visited Mrs. Dingler's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Partain Sunday.


Clifford Smith and wife visited Grover Bascom Saturday night and Sunday and attended church at Potter's.

Henry Barnard and family spent Sunday at Jack Lowry's.

Several from here attended the picnic at Saline Creek Saturday night.

Chas. Belt, Chas. Kaegi and Chas. Jenkins of Cave-In-Rock were visitors in Lamb Sunday.

W.H. Belt and family spent Sunday at W.D. Taylor's.

Fleet Oldham was in Lambtown Sunday evening.

We failed to mention the weddings last week. Joseph Lewis and Cleta Shufflebarger were joined in the holy bonds of matrimony, also Norman Pennell and Miss Ethel Wright.

Miss Phrona Millikan spent Sunday with Mildred Brittain.

Mrs. Geo. Britain and children visited S.N. Page and attended church at Potters.

Earl Page is visiting homefolks.

Mrs. Nellie McDowell is visiting relatives in this vicinity.

Philip Hoewischer who was injured in the spar mines near Cave-In-Rock is slow improving.


Miss Cora Lamb visited her cousin, Mrs. Audry Dale, a few days recently.

Andrew Hobbs is at home for a few days visit.

W.M. Stacey spent Thursday with W.R. Smith.

Mrs. Ben Hurford spent one evening last week at Nola Smith's.

Misses Rosa and Cora Ralph spent Friday evening with Anna and Bertha Smith.

Miss Carie Sullivan is visiting her sister, Mrs. John Reynolds of Harris Creek.

Gradie Smith has been seriously ill for the past ten days with fever and erysipelas in the face.

W. S'Barger who spent one night last at Bill Stacey's passed through our vicinity on his way home.

Mrs. Sarah Guedry who has been sick for some time was able to visit her son Geo. Edwards one day last week.

Little Misses Rachel Denton and Jewel Lamb visited Mrs. Arza Dale.

John Decker, Jr., also the two small daughters of Wm. Tucker and wife are sick with malaria Fever.

Harmon Hosick returned home from a visit with his sister, at Brimfield, Ill., last week.

Local and Personal

Loren E. Denton and wife visited near Eichorn Sunday.

Misses Hilda and Opal Bumm of Mt. Vernon, Ind., arrived last Sunday for a visit with relatives in the vicinity of Eichorn.

J.A. Joyce of Cincinnati, O., who is visiting relatives in the neighborhood at Karbers Ridge was in town one day last week.

Rev. Orin Needham of Simpson, Ill., is conducting a revival meeting at Stone Church. His family accompanied him here and they extended their visit to relatives in the upper end of the county.

Owen Oxford, who has had employment at St. Louis the past few months, arrived here for a visit with his parents Monday.

Jacob Eichorn was in town on business Tuesday.

Miss Gladys and Bruce Watson went to Harrisburg Tuesday to accompany Miss Helen Sherman of Chicago here for a visit.

The Marion (Ky.) baseball team defeated the Rosiclare team at Rosiclare last Sunday by the score of 6 to 2. Earl Gaines, Bruce Watson and Arza Denton from here played with Rosiclare.

Attorneys John C. Oxford and Richard F. Taylor transacted legal business in Rosiclare last week.

Cecil Blakely of Lamb called on us briefly while in town Wednesday to answer the call to examination.

Ernest Edwards, of the Oak Grove neighborhood, was in town on business Tuesday. He subscribed for the Independent while here.

J.I. Vinyard of Karbers Ridge was on our streets Wednesday.

John L. Hetherington took a car load of people to Harrisburg to attend ______ Tuesday.

A.R. McKernon, formerly of this place, who has been residing in Shawneetown the past few months is visiting friends and relatives here.

Our old friend Jas. Tadlock and son, Freeman were in town Wednesday. Freeman came to be examined for military service.

The infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Hardison died Tuesday afternoon, after several weeks illness. We extend sympathy to the bereaved.

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Watson and little daughter, Imogene, left for Dawson Springs Tuesday.

Judge E.N. Hall sold a nice bunch of hogs to Jas. R. Patton last week.

The moving picture show here is now being managed by W.E. Dimick of Rosiclare.

Edw. Dutton of near Mt. Zion was here Wednesday in an effort to notify his son, Cecil, who was drawn and scheduled to appear before the board her Thursday. Cecil is in East St. Louis and a telegram was sent him to appear.

Wilson Nichols has been sick the past week with malaria. His mother Mrs. U.C. Nichols, though still confined to her bed is some better.

Mrs. E.L. Robinson and brother, U.G. Gullett, left the first of the week for Springfield to tell their youngest brother, Ben, goodbye before he embarks for France in the U.S. Army.

Jas. R. Patton, bought 14 head of cattle from A.R. McKernan this week, also 12 head from Thomas Keeling.

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