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News - Thursday, 06 Jul 1916

St Joseph of the Woods

Fr. Reich will leave here Wednesday for Grand Chain.

Fred Humm made a business trip to E'town Friday.

Mrs. Bass Humm attended church on Sunday.

George Herrmann, wife and sons, N.A. and Carl, spent Sunday afternoon in E'town.

A.R. McKernan spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Hickman Joyner.

Andy Rates, wife and sister, Miss Ella, were through here Sunday.

Miss Ruth Shetler of Rosiclare visited the family of her uncle, Jake Eichorn since our last.

Miss Mayme Moore, who has been staying with the family of Jake Humm the past few years returned to her home at Modoc, Ill, Friday.

Items From Anywhere

Henry Thornton and family went out to Peters Creek Saturday for a few days visit with relatives there.

Lewis Lamar was a visitor in E'town Saturday night and Sunday, the guest of James Robinett's family.

J.W. Miles and wife of Rosiclare visited in E'town Wednesday of last week, the guests of G.W. Shearer and family.

Mrs. Ezekiel Hobbs, sho had been spending a few days in the country with her son, Sol Hobbs, came to town last Wednesday enroute to her home in Rosiclare.

Mrs. W.D. Aaron came to town last Friday and remained over til Sunday, visiting with her mother and other relatives here. Mrs. Aaron always meets with a hearty welcome in E'town.

Uncle Jim Simms found a hen's egg last week that he thinks beats Mrs. John C. Oxford's egg with yolks. Uncle Jim found an unnecessary large hen's egg which, when broken open, had a smaller egg inside with a hard shell on it, as hard as any ordinary egg shell, next:

Ernest Carr of Oran, Mo., a son of merchant J.H. Carr of Potts Hill, who is visiting his father and other relatives in the county, was in E'town for part of last week, and made a brief call on the writer and Mrs. Retta Ricketts, the latter being an old time acquaintance when both lived near Yellow Springs, several years ago.

William Irby of Rosiclare and J.A. Barnerd of near Yellow Springs, both Civil War soldiers, were in E'town last week and made us a pleasant call. They both spoke approvingly of President Wilson's administration and will support him for re-election. Mr. Barnerd was accompanied by his youngest daughter from Harrisburg, who visited her parents in the north part of the county; and came on to E'town and visited her brother Spence Barnerd, and her sister, Mrs. Mollie Holbrook.

Terry Henry and sister, Mrs. Mary, who visited their grandma Rose and family at Eldorado several days, returned last week accompanied by their Uncle John Erwood's children, and Miss Agnes Montgomery of Equality, who came down to visit with former E'town friends. She formerly lived here three years.

Mrs. A.F. Anderson and the writer each received a book of souvenirs of Detroit, Mich, last week at the instance of Mrs. Ruth Davis and husband, which shows that they at least had reached their destination. The book contains the pictures of many beautiful buildings, parks, streets and other magnificent scenery.

Rev. T.M. Ozee made a business trip to E'town last week, and in a conversation with him while here, he informed us that he had decided to quit pastoring churches after close of the present Associational year, some two or three months hence, and enter the Evangelistic field, which he thinks offers greater opportunities for usefulness. Hee feels that he is much hampered by the care of 4 or 5 churches.

Thomas Foster of Harrisburg accompanied his mother-in-law, Mrs. Rebecca Reak, to E'town last Thursday returning to Harrisburg Friday. His youngest daughter is quite sick, which made it necessary for him to return at once. She and her tow children are living with him. Mrs. Reak is quite poorly, and wanted to come home for fear she became worse.. Mr. Foster called on several friends here Friday morning, the writer being one of them.

Miss Pearl Shearer and her aunt, Mrs. Richard Frayser, of Cave-In-Rock, left here Friday morning of last week for Warren, Ark., to attend the bedside of the latter's sister, Mrs. Wilburn Hoskinson, formerly of Cave-In-Rock, who is very low with a complication of ailments. A letter from Miss Pearl after they reached Warren stated that her aunt was a little better, but was not able to turn herself in the bed. Her condition seems to be such that her recovery is, to say the least, doubtful.

Sparks Hill (for last week)

Mrs Elizabeth Miles visited Mrs. M.J. Grace Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. W.D. Davis, who has been under the weather for some time is better at this writing.

Mrs. Clara Walther and brother Hugh Russell of Evansville are visiting relatives and friends in this vicinity.

Miss Hattie Ginger of Shawneetown visited her grandmother, Mrs. M.J. Grace Monday.

A Mr. William White and wife of Missouri are visiting at Allen Frizzell's this week. Mrs. White is Mr. Frizzell's mother.

Chas. and Ida Watters attended the big show at Rock Creek Tuesday night.

Misses Hattie Ginger and Una Moore called on Miss Ida Watters Saturday afternoon.

W.D. White of Elizabethtown visited his aunt, Mrs. M.J. Grace , last Wednesday.

We are sorry indeed to hear of the J.W. Watters having the misfortune to lose his gasoline boat and contents by fire last Thursday night at Evansville, which is a total loss, he having no insurance.

We will close for this time.
Red Wing


Mitch Herrmann and family spent Monday at John Seiner's.

N.B. Humm made a business trip to Elizabethtown Tuesday.

Uncle Tom Lamar was in town a short time Thursday.

F.W. Humm made a trip to Rosiclare Monday.

Sherman Crabb drove out from Rosiclare in his car Tuesday.

Miss Lillie Mason is spending a few days this week with her mother at Rosiclare, Ill.

Mr. Bolden of Golconda, Ill, an insurance man was a business caller here Monday.

Miss Mayme Moore was called home Thursday on account of the sickness of her father.

Freeman Joiner of Golconda, Ill, is spending a few days with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Sturgil.

Carroll Ashford gave a dance Tuesday night, it was well attended and all report a good time.

John Renfro and Master Wiley Hobbs made a trip to Rosiclare Monday.

Charley Ledbetter, John Patterson, Misses Marie, Beulah and Ulys Humm of Elizabethtown were guests of J.F. Humm and family and Miss Mayme Moore last Wednesday evening.
(no name)

Karbers Ridge

Bro. Upperheimer filled his appointment at Goodhope Church last Sunday.

Mrs. D.T. Warford is visiting in Elizabethtown at this writing.

John Guntert bought a new buggy last week.

Miss Ula Karber is in Rosiclare at this writing.

Ezra E. Karber bought some nice cattle from Thos. Baggot last week.

Mr. Guntert was able to attend Sunday School last Sunday.

Rudolph and Louis Hossler are on the sick list this week.

Clarence Winters came down from Equality last Sunday and visited his parents, Sam Winters and wife.

Clarence Karber and wife and Mrs. Aroy Rodgers spent last Sunday with Sye Dow and wife.

Cordia Moore of Raleigh is here visiting her parents, Milas Vinyard and wife.

Henry Smith of Raleigh is here visiting friends and relatives this week.

We regret to learn of the continuous affliction of our old friend Dr. Lawrence of Golconda.

Miss Anna Hossler left for Princeton, Ind., last week where she has employment with the Cumberland Telephone Co.

Clarence Barlow and wife of Equality visited the latters grandparents last Sunday, Mrs. Samuel Winters and family.

Our old friend, James R. Miller, of McLeansboro visited with friends here last week very pleasantly and attended the Eastern Star Chapter.

Mrs. Ada Vinyard left last week for Golconda where she goes to attend the bedside of her brother, Dr. Daniel Lawrence.

Milas Vinyard took a slight paralytic stroke last week which was very painful. His brother, Silas, was called and after examination found that it was a case that needed close attention so the Dr. took the patron home with him for some 8 to 10 days treatment.

After some 2 or 3 years of suffering Miss Lucian Vinyard breathed her last about 12 o'clock pm June the 28th, 1916. Revs. Spivey and Reed preached able sermons at the residence of Mrs. Sarah Shipp where the subject of this sketch died after which her remains were conveyed to the Karbers Ridge Cemetery, where it was laid to it's last resting place. Sister Vinyard was an honest, industrious harmless Christian woman. We sympathize with the bereaved friends and relatives.


Wm. Shelton's mother is visiting him this week.

John Cook and wife visited Mrs. Cook's father, Rev. R. Reed, Sunday.

Little Beulah Holloman of E'town is visiting her grandparents here.

Miss Ora Martin of Rosiclare visited Saturday night with Miss Lola Bruce.

Miss Gusta Reed visited Miss Bertha Smith Sunday evening.

Lum Decker returned home from Iowa Monday.

Miss Anna Smith visited Miss Lola Bruce Sunday evening.

Ben Birch and wife visited in E'town Sunday.

Ed Oldham visited Ben Edwards and wife recently.

Jessie Hubbs visited Clyde Patrick Saturday night.

Misses Ota and Bertha Smith visited Mrs. Isaac Daymon Saturday and Saturday night.

Mrs. Wm. Stacey and granddaughter, Clemmie, visited in Rosiclare last Saturday.

Richard Reed and wife and Miss Gusta Reed visited Sol Hobbs and wife recently.

Cecil Smith is assisting his father a couple of days this week taking care of some hay.

Mrs. Minnie Sullivan and daughter, Miss Carrie, attended church here Sunday and took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bruce.

A Mrs. Smith and daughter, Miss Susie of Rosiclare, are visiting Mesdames Eulalia Marglin and Katie Bruce.

Mr. and Mrs. James Ralph attended church here Saturday and Sunday. While here they visited the family of Ezra Fritz.

There will be an ice cream supper at the home of W.R. Smith Saturday night, July 8th. The proceeds to go to finish paying for the church organ. All are invited.

Local and Personal

Mrs. Sam Hosick, Sr., is real sick.

Miss Mollie Rose was a visitor in town Friday.

Mrs. Clara Seiner was on our streets one day last week.

Mrs. Willie Lawrence was on the sick list a few days last week.

R.N. Miles of near Sparks Hill was in town Saturday.

Joseph Hawkins of Rosiclare got slightly hurt in the mines last week.

Mesdames Capt. James and Omer Ferrell spent Sunday in Fairview.

Miss Rachel Fletcher is the guest of her brother, Harry Fletcher.

Dr. Fowler was sick a day or two recently.

G.W. Shearer made a business trip to Cave-In-Rock Monday.

A.R. McKernan spent Tuesday night in town.

Ray Shetler was in town Tuesday.

Terrell Henry and sister, Mary, returned from Eldorado last week.

Rae Ledbetter spent last week in Rosiclare visiting her sister.

Sam Jackson and wife visited at Grayville, Ill, the first of the week.

Mrs. Alex Vinyard of Karbers Ridge visited her sister, Mrs. Oran Miller, here Wednesday.

Harry Ledbetter went over to Carbondale Friday to visit friends and spend the 4th.

W.P. Warford and son, David, made a business trip to Evansville the first of the week.

Wm. Volkert of near Stone Church was in town trading Tuesday.

___ ___ ____ Covington and daughter, Daisy, were up from Golconda to spend Sunday.

The small child of Mr. and Mrs. S.G. Ramsey has been quite sick the past week.

Clifford Smith and wife also Mrs. W.R. Smith and daughter, Gradie, were in town Friday.

Omar Ferrell and C.B. Humm and family visited the family of Sam Hosick, Jr. Sunday evening.

Mrs. Wm. Morrison of Cave-In-Rock was in town on legal business a few days last week.

Misses Lucille Erwood, Agnes Montgomery and Pearl Vandergrift, of Equality, are here visiting friends and realtives.

A letter to relatives from Tim Simmons of Brimfield, Ill, states that two members of the family have the measles.

Capt. J.L. Lowry unloaded his big Cadillac car here Tuesday night off the boat to drive through by land to Evansville.

Tommie and Hosea Cremeans and sister, Barbara, and niece, Miss Ida Barlow, were down from Gallatin Co., and spent the latter part of the week with friends.

Miss Hazel Osborne returned to her home at McLeansboro Monday; she was accompanied as far as the Cave by Miss Ora Ledbetter.

Henry Bascom who has served three years in the regular army at Galveston, Texas returned home last week. While in town Friday he paid us a pleasant call.

Mrs. Gus Mayfield ans son, Master Glen Howard, Mrs. Geo. Williams and children and niece, Miss Beulah Ledbetter, spent one day last week in Rosiclare.

Miss Ethel Bruce came to town Friday and spent the night with her grandparents, W.J. Birch and wife, and went to Rosiclare Saturday to spend a few days with relatives.

Thos. Foster of Harrisburg visited relatives and friends here the first of the week. He brought Mrs. Rebecca Reak home from Harrisburg, where she had been visiting the past two weeks.

Robt. Walker and son, Hickman, stopped over night with his nephew, R.A. Ledbetter, of this place. They were on their way to their home in Colorado Springs, Colo., from Marion, Ky., where they had been visiting relatives. Mr. Walker is postmaster at Colorado Springs, which is a first-class office.

C.B. Humm and son, Ulyss, spent Tuesday with Carl Humm and family at Eichorn.

Ex-sheriff Edward Ferrell has been appointed deputy sheriff at Rosiclare at a salary of $150 per month.

Editor Brannon of the Equality Independent accompanied the Equality ball team to this place last week.

Pompy Ledbetter is a new recruit to the band with alto.

Roy Raines was in town Wednesday.

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