Hardin County

Mrs. George Robertson

Suffers stroke, fell on hot stove

SPARKS HILL, Ill. — Mrs. George Robertson lived until Tuesday, buried Wednesday.

Mrs. George Robertson, aged 77, who lived alone in her home near Sparks Hill, suffered a stroke on Tuesday afternoon last week and was not found until Thursday afternoon, when her grandson, Earl Sheldon found her. He discovered that her hands and face were severely burned, caused when she fell on the cook stove.

Earl Sheldon, the grand son, who is in his teens, had brought her some berries Tuesday afternoon last week, and she had built a fire to make herself a berry cobbler for supper. Earl had gone home to Harrisburg.

She said after she was found Thursday, that she had fallen forward on the stove, burning her hands and face painfully. She explained that she was unable to raise her arms or her head. In some way she managed to fall over backwards, perhaps because she fainted.

She was not found until her grandson called at her home last Thursday. After that time she has been in bed. Her daughter, Mrs. Mae Sheldon and other relatives and friends taking care of her. She could move her head from side to side but could not raise her head from the pillow.

Mrs. Robertson lived until Tuesday this week.

Funeral services for her were held yesterday. She is survived by her son Frank Robertson, Sparks Hill and her daughter Mrs. Thomas Sheldon of Harrisburg.

Thanks to Wanda H. Reed for contributing this article to the Hardin County ILGenWeb site. The Hardin County Independent published this article on June 25, 1942.

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