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David Knight

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ill. (Feb. 16, 1923) — David Knight, an old citizen of Rosiclare, who spent many years of his life there, passed away last week at the advanced age of three scores and 10 years and perhaps a little more.

He was first married to Miss Mahala Justice, who died some ten or twelve years ago, and who bore him three children, E.A. and Austin Knight and Mrs Lydia Howard, all of whom are living and residents of Rosiclare. His first wife is said by those who knew her to be a woman of irreproachable character, whose christian and home life were models worthy of emulation.

A short time after the death of his first wife, he married Miss Nettie Mick, by whom he had one child, a son, which died in infancy. His last wife was quite young when they married, and the great disparity of their ages at the time of marriage was the subject of much unfavorable comment by relatives and friends, and reason of which, and the evils that grew out of it, an estrangement grew up between him and his children and some old time friends, that was never only partially reconciled, and hence Mr. Knight's latter days were by no means his happiest ones.

It can be truthfully said to his credit, that he was an honest hard working man and character of no mean ability. The writer's casual meeting with the deceased were agreeable and pleasant. He was a man of more than average intelligence and some fifteen years ago, when we had occasion to meet him several times, he was quite pleasant and withal, companionable. It is most regrettable affair when circumstances and conditions combine to create a feeling of estrangement between parents and children, and especiallly so when time is too short by reason of age to permit a reconciliation that is so much deserved and nearly always obtained between parents and children..

The above sketch was written by the request of the Independent, and the writer had no other data except that furnished by Elizabethtown people.


Thanks to Wanda H. Reed for contributing this article to the Hardin County ILGenWeb site. The Hardin County Independent first published this article on Feb. 16, 1935.

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