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In memory of Aunt Mag Hall

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ill. (June 21, 1928) — It was on January the 30th that death entered the home of Charles Rogers to claim Mrs. Margaret Hall who was more than 76 years old having been born April 13th, 1850. She had been in good health for the past few years, but her final illness was but a few months duration.

Her maiden name was Grace; she being a sister to John, Charles and Daniel Grace, well known citizens of Hardin County. In 1874 she married Benjamin F. Hall, who at that time owned the Thomas Angleton farm on Harris Creek where they lived about 12 years, but later moved to a farm in the Grace settlement north of Sparks Hill, where her husband died in April 1895. This unfortunate event early broke up a happy union leaving three children, Nicholas, Jessie and Wittie. It is a regrettable thing for a man in the bloom of life to be called away from his children who are small and dependant, but these were left in the hands of a woman of more than average intelligence, and what is better, perhaps, one who was of a Christian character. She early confessed faith in Christ uniting with the Christian church in which faith she lied and died.

Besides playing the role of a heroic widowed mother to her three children, providing them with the necessities of life and she also became their teacher largely (for their home was quite a distance from a school) teaching them not only the knowledge of books, but the arts and handicrafts leading to useful citizenship. But I cannot fully describe the usefulness of this good mother, or any good mother, however this has been done by a far better writer than I, and so I will advise you to supplement these few lines with the last chapter of Proverbs, beginning at the tenth verse.

When Nicholas Hall became a man, he married one of William M. Lane's daughters and now reside at the old home place. Jessie became the wife of Charles Rogers and Wittie of John Rogers both of whom are well-known citizens in the northern part of the county.

There are many things and events touching our lives that we forget however, there are others as far back as our childhood days that are as fresh as if painted on memory's walls in fast colors. It's refreshing that we remember those that have been called, but our grief is mixed with a loneliness when they are called away from earth. But such fond old souls such as Aunt Mag needs is to go to a better home, is our Lord's last disourse on earh. He said he would prepare a place and it would be a mansion in his Father's Kingdom.

Yours in Fond Memory: Judge Scribes

Thanks to Wanda H. Reed for contributing this article to the Hardin County ILGenWeb site. The Hardin County Independent first published this article by Judge Scribes on June 21, 1928.

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