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Here is a log of the latest updates, changes, and additions to this Hardin County ILGenWeb site.

2019 Dec 04 Thanks to Jerry Williams, added PRICE and RILEY obituaries
2019 Nov 30 Thanks to Cheryl Rothwell, added Resource link to Coal Mining in Illinois
2019 Oct 20 Added a extractions and Resource link for Stories from Illinois History
2019 Sep 25 Thanks to Jerry Williams, added TEMPLETON obituary
2019 Aug 07 Thanks to Sherri Enneking, added HOBBS descendants chart
2019 Jul 18 Thanks to Jerry Williams, added PATTON and SMITH obituaries
2019 May 03 Thanks to Tim Stowell, added Old Liberty Cemetery listing and Resource link to 2015 book
2019 Feb 06 Thanks to Don Yarber, added Britton Yarber's civil war pension index card image
2019 Feb 06 Thanks to Don Yarber, added Descendants of Joseph PARROTT and Middy PERRY
2019 Feb 04 Added extraction and Resource link to History of the Disciples of Christ in Illinois

2018 Dec 01 Added surnames from church records images, and added resource link to church records
2018 Nov 05 Added Pruett family biography, which references Hardin county
2018 Oct 07 Thanks to Carol, added her info and query to MATTHEWS Cemetery
2018 Aug 27 Thanks to FamilySearch, added St. Joseph parish records
2018 Jun 22 Thanks to Norris Barrow, added his McNICHOLS RUST query
2018 Jun 11 Thanks to Melita Crutcher, added her query and an inspired Ed THORNTON descendants pdf
2018 Apr 07 Thanks to Tim Stowell, added Galbraith's railway map
2018 Mar 28 Added links to a GSSI map of Hardin County
2018 Feb 15 Thanks to Ann Mensch, added a bit of information to the Korean War Casualties list
2018 Feb 12 Thanks to Ann Mensch, added Vietnam Fatal Casualties list

2017 Dec 11 Thanks to ILGenWeb, added Mexican American War link
2017 Aug 09 This site is now more mobile friendly thans to Marsha Bryant of Templates-in-Time
2017 Aug 07 Thanks to Karen's interest, added ROGERS descendants chart
2017 Jul 13 Added SHADOWENS descendants chart
2017 Jun 23 Thanks to Jerry Smith, added Rev. J. M. LOWRY writings
2017 May 20 Added GSSI resource link
2017 Apr 14 Restored Military Land Grant listings
2017 Jan 24 Added 1891 James THARP biography

2016 Dec 23 Added 1912 History of Southern Illinois, volume 2, biographies
2016 Nov 18 Thanks to Juanita Trujillo, added Almshouse query & tidbits
2016 Nov 12 Added 1883 pensioners
2016 Nov 05 Added Rose biography, added extraction from 1924 Outlaws of Cave-in-Rock
2016 Oct 07 Added ABBOTT, BROWN, FOWLER, and LEDBETTER biographies
2016 Sep 16 Added some births from FamilySearch.org
2016 Aug 28 Added extractions from 1939 History of Hardin County Illinois
2016 Jul 16 Thanks to Lloyd Woodard, added 1937-38 Richland class photo
2016 Jun 15 Separated large early land owners webpage into smaller pages
2016 Jun 14 Separated large marriage webpage into smaller pages
2016 Jun 13 Separated pre1916 deaths webpage into smaller pages
2016 Jun 12 Separated 1893 biographies into individual webpages and separated large 1916-1950 Deaths webpage into smaller pages
2016 May 17 Thanks to Steve Jacskon, added photo at ferry crossing
2016 May 15 Added more biographies from 1905 Memoirs
2016 Apr 23 Added 1893 Joseph KUYDENDALL biography
2016 Mar 31 Added off-site Digital Public Library of America resource
2016 Mar 20 Added Warren PITTS descendents chart
2016 Feb 21 Thanks to Cheryl Rothwell, added Primitive Baptist Church link
2016 Feb 20 Thanks to Jeffrey Lane, removed bad county govt links
2016 Jan 30 Added resource link to "Outlaws of Cave-in-Rock"

2015 Nov 27 Added to Families (NEEDHAM, FRAILEY)
2015 Aug 04 Added CASAD descendants charts
2015 May 10 Added FRIZZELL family group sheet and DOWNEY descendants chart
2015 May 9 Added Places and restored Watters Cemetery
2015 Feb 28 Thanks to David Howard, added 1905 Memoirs and James McFARLAN newsarticle
2015 Jan 11 Added Shewmaker Cemetery info

2014 Nov 15 Added Angleton Cemetery info
2014 Jul 05 Added list of births
2014 May 26 Restored rest of very old website's available info
2014 May 25 Added 1916 1950 deaths from Illinois State Archives, and Restored some school photos and the Rogue's Gallery
2014 May 24 Added deaths before 1916 from Illinois State Archives
2014 May 07 Thanks to Lynn Tooley, added Mortality Schedule images
2014 May 03 Added marriages
2014 Apr 27 Added military info
2014 Apr 26 Thanks to Peggy Thomas, added Matthews  & Vinyard Cemeteries info
2014 Apr 21 New information and new look by new County Coordinator Norma Hass with thanks to veteran GenWeb coordinator Marsha Bryant of Templates in Time

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