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If you are looking for help with a Hardin County ancestor line, please submit family group sheet information along with your challenge.

2018 Jun 21

I am looking for Mary McNICHOLS RUST, wife of Abraham Ward RUST, listed in Household 206 of the 1850 Census of the county with his children, including a child born in 1850 named Catherine. The mother and brother, Millard, died in 1850. Neither are listed in the Mortality Schedule for 1850. Census is dated Aug 1850. Place of burial is unknown.

Norris L. Barrow [email protected]
Dover, Stewart, Tennessee

2018 Jun 10

I am wanting more information on Edmond THORNTON born 8/5/1841 Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Illinois. He married Melinda Elvira PORTER born 11/14/1839, she was from Crittenden County, Kentucky. Melinda’s obituary listed a son Joe A., Henry... this is my grandfather, Sterling, A Mrs. J Ellis Bowers, Mrs. Laura Mosley. They had lived ... died in Glimp, Lauderdale County, Tennessee. My grandfather was born Henry Johnson THORNTON in Tennessee 11/4/1880, died 5/30/1953. Can you lead me to anything?

Melita Thornton Crutcher [email protected]

2016 Nov 16

Find-A-Grave site documents that Ann Maples Vantassel was buried 14 January 1917 at the Pauper Farm in Hardin Co. Is there any way to locate that site. Annie was my great grandmother. If possible, I would like to mark her grave. Juanita Trujillo

Can you identify anyone?

My mom and her brothers are Briton Stacey's relatives and pictured here. She is 90 and we would like any info about this picture you might have. She has Alzheimer's and it helps her to remember things. Thanks so much

Submited 10 Jul 2016 by Lloyd E Woodard, son of Ethel Jane Stacey, grandson of John (Johnny Buck) Calvin Stacey

Do you recognize this place?

I found an old photo of my family members crossing a river on a ferry boat. Do you think it could have been the Cave-in-Rock Ferry? The people in the photo are Erma and Ernie Feller, Raymond and Opal Jackson (my grandparents), Lawrence and Emma Durbin. Ernie, Opal and Emma were brothers and sisters (Feller) from Vandalia and Effingham Illinois. The back of the photo says “crossing on Ferry over to KY”. My Dad says the car was a 1935 Olds, so it had to have been taken after that. The other bank looked like many of the photos I had seen on your website.

Submitted May 2016 by Steve Jackson. Please respond using contact form.

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