Hardin County

World War II Honor Roll

List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel

Army Serial Number
Type of Casualty
Anderson, Eschol E36062936SGTKilled in Action
Boswell, Joseph W36070552PVTKilled in Action
Brandon, James T36070550CPLKilled in Action
Brandt, L B36612480PFCKilled in Action
Conkle, Herman F36003660PFCKilled in Action
Cowsert, Cecil R36046710PFCKilled in Action
Craig, Freddie E36748621PVTDied of Wounds
Craig, Robert L36977324PVTFinding of Death
Davis, Rurie36369392PFCKilled in Action
Foster, Willard C36613499PFCKilled in Action
Hawkins, Joseph W16040716PVTKilled in Action
Holbrook, Gaylord36900264PVTKilled in Action
Holbrook, James P36928419PVTDied Non-Battle
Jones, James W16075167PFCKilled in Action
Lanhan, Wilford36073185TEC4Died Non-Battle
McDonald, Avis L36743472PFCDied of Wounds
Milligan, Arthur Jr36730461TEC5Killed in Action
Millikan, William J16039481PFCFinding of Death
Oxford, Eschol36985466PFCDied Non-Battle
Partain, Troy F7030623PVTDied Non-Battle
Patton, Earl E36073205SGTKilled in Action
Rotes, Lowell36674116PVTKilled in Action
Shetler, Marvin36644970PFCKilled in Action
Stewart, Ed36960694PVTKilled in Action
Taber, Alvadis Jr17134197SGTKilled in Action
Walker, Randall36062995PFCKilled in Action
Watson, Douglas36056007SSGKilled in Action

Extracted from online National Archives. More information about each person listed can be found at the National Archives website.

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