Hardin County

Spanish-American War

Members of Company D, 9th Illinois Infantry Regiment

Place of residence: Elizabethtown

Bird, James W ~ Artificer
Casad, Oscar H ~ Private
Creason, Joseph W ~ Private
Edwards, Benjamin E ~ Private
Edwards, George W ~ Private
Eller, Charles A ~ Private
Fenell, Edward ~ 2ndLt
Ferrell, Charles F ~ Private
Ferrell, Pernett ~ Private
Floyd, Green B ~ Private
Gaskins, Harvey ~ Corporal
Hayes, Daniel ~ Corporal
Herrin, Benjamin F ~ Corporal
Hine, William B ~ 1stLt.
Hobbs, Daniel ~ Private
Hobbs, Marion ~ Private
Hoerth, Omer ~ Private
Hughes, William H ~ Private
Jackson, Ernest ~ Corporal
Jackson, Ezra H ~ Private
Jackson, John ~ Private
Ledbetter, Charles M ~ Musician
Ledbetter, Dr Allen ~ Wagoner
Locklar, Edd ~ Private
Locklar, Miles ~ Private
Locklar, Robert H ~ Private
Rawhoof, James W ~ Private
Rogers, Charles D ~ Private
Scott, Freeman E ~ 1/4MstrSgt.
Smith, Lute ~ Private
Stacy, John C ~ Private
Stubbs, Thomas H ~ Corporal
Taylor, Richard F ~ Captain
Tyer, William J ~ Corporal
Watson, Harry F ~ 1stSgt.
Wentzell, Taylor W ~ Corporal
Whiteside, Julius ~ Musician
Williams, Peter H ~ Private

Contributed by Jon Musgrave

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