Hardin County

Marriages - N

NAIMAN, ADAM R and SHIELDS, FLORENCE married 1885-Jun-04
NAMP, LOUIS JR and ROTES, MAGGIE married 1894-Oct-25
NAPIER, EDWARD and STACY, MARTHA J (TUCKER) married 1900-Feb-22
NASH, JOS M and SHEANN, MARY L married 1901-Aug-18
NASH, W B and ROBINSON, MILLIE J married 1887-Aug-14
NAVE, ORA E and ROBINETTE, CATHERINE married 1898-May-03

NELSON, CHARLES and CARLISLE, MARY A married 1888-Jan-11
NESBITT, MANSEL and MCGRAW, LULU married 1889-Jan-02
NEWBERRY, FRANCES and MCCOIN, LAURA married 1889-Dec-26

NICHOLS, LISSIE and GULLETT, MAGGIE married 1893-Sep-23
NICHOLS, SAMUEL H and LANIER, MATTIE J married 1893-May-30

NORRIS, DAN and BROOKMIRE, MARGARET married 1892-Oct-27
NORTHCOTT, WILLIAM and PRIDE, DORA married 1887-Dec-24

Extracted from online Illinois State Archives. More information about each marriage listed can be found at the Illinois State Archives website.

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