Hardin County

1877-1915 Deaths - D

DALE, ALICE died 1903-11-08 at ROCK CREEK age 31 YR
DALE, ARIL died 1902-12-26 at CAVE-IN-ROCK PREC age 04 MO
DALE, AVRIL died 1902-12-20 at CAVE-IN-ROCK PREC age 04 MO
DALE, ELSA PEARL died 1902-01-26 at ROCK CREEK PREC age UNK
DALE, JOSEPH M died 1884-12-29 at ROCK CREEK PREC age 24 YR
DALE, SARAH J died 1905-04-18 at BATTERY ROCK PREC age 79 YR
DAUGHERTY, JOHN S died 1903-09-19 at BATTERY ROCK PREC age 04 YR
DAUGHERTY, MATTIE died 1906-10-28 at age 30 YR
DAVIDSON, CECIL died 1895-09-24 at ELIZABETHTOWN age 01 MO
DAVIS, ASA died 1903-11-21 at ELIZABETHTOWN age 81 YR
DAVIS, BERNIE died 1903-01-14 at GROSSVILLE age 20 DA
DAVIS, INFANT OF ROLY died 1914-09-22 at ROCK CREEK PREC age 01 DA
DAVIS, MARY A died 1884-03-06 at age 14 YR
DAVIS, MARY A died 1913-11-30 at ROSICLARE age 36 YR
DAVIS, RAY died 1903-03-17 at GROSSVILLE age 01 YR
DAVIS, SILAS died 1897-10-23 at MCFARLAN PREC age 16 YR
DAVIS, VIDA ANN died 1889-08-05 at SHETLERVILLE age 34 YR
DAVIS, WILLIE died 1902-02-03 at ROSICLARE PREC age 03 YR
DAY, HARVEY L died 1884-04-24 at MONROE PREC age 11 MO
DAYMON, ANNA died 1905-12-05 at CAVE-IN-ROCK PREC age 44 YR
DAYMON, HEPIE L died 1888-02-29 at ROCK CREEK PREC age 06 MO

DEAL, EARL died 1898-07-23 at MONROE PREC age 02 YR
DEAL, LUCY J died 1904-11-24 at KARBERS RIDGE age 24 YR
DEAL, SAMANTHA died 1905-01-10 at MONROE PREC age 18 YR
DEAVERS, INFANT OF F M died 1884-10-24 at age 12 DA
DECKER, ASA died 1893-12-07 at MONROE PREC age 71 YR
DEWEESE, HENRY died 1903-08-06 at ELIZABETHTOWN age 35 YR
DEWEY, JACOB BERTEL died 1894-07-23 at ELIZABETHTOWN age 04 YR

DILLION, HENRY died 1902-02-13 at ROCK CREEK PREC age 13 DA
DIMICK, FRANKLIN died 1885-03-11 at ROSICLARE age 60 YR
DIMICK, MARY ELLEN died 1893-07-07 at ROSICLARE PREC age 04 YR
DIMICK, RAYMOND died 1898-03-12 at ROSICLARE age 03 YR

DOBSON, DAISY F died 1903-05-19 at ELIZABETHTOWN age 01 YR
DOGGITT, EVAN died 1911-04-18 at CAVE-IN-ROCK age 33 YR
DOGGITT, MALLIE died 1907-05-26 at CAVE-IN-ROCK PREC age 01 YR
DONETHAN, ROSITTA died 1893-07-04 at MCFARLAN PREC age 51 YR
DOSSETT, MATTIE died 1890-08-00 at CAVE-IN-ROCK age 14 YR
DOSSETT, WILLIE died 1890-08-28 at CAVE-IN-ROCK age 17 YR
DOUGLAS, HENRY (MRS) died 1903-08-12 at age 15 YR
DOUGLAS, HERATIO G died 1892-09-00 at age 31 YR
DOUGLAS, MARY ELIZABETH died 1887-01-16 at age 08 MO
DOUGLAS, THOMAS died 1915-06-27 at CAVE-IN-ROCK age 84 YR
DOWNEY, GRACE died 1888-11-22 at SHETLERVILLE age 12 YR
DOWNEY, GUIN O died 1902-04-14 at ROSICLARE age 02 MO
DOWNEY, SARAH EMMA died 1888-07-11 at ROSICLARE age 25 YR
DOWNEY, SARAH LOUISA died 1892-01-25 at ROSICLARE age 49 YR

DRIVER, IRA E died 1906-10-16 at HICKS age 68 YR

DUNAWAY, MOLLY died 1906-12-02 at ROCK CREEK PREC age 14 YR
DUNCAN, ALBERT died 1903-08-24 at ELIZABETHTOWN age 15 YR
DUNCAN, BERTHA died 1895-03-24 at ELIZABETHTOWN age 05 YR
DUNCAN, EMILY S died 1896-05-22 at CAVE-IN-ROCK age 21 YR
DUNCAN, HALLIE died 1891-03-25 at ELIZABETHTOWN age 07 YR
DUNCAN, HENRY died 1903-08-24 at ELIZABETHTOWN age 17 YR
DUTTON, ARNOLD died 1907-10-29 at ROCK CREEK PREC age 03 MO
DUTTON, CLARA died 1915-04-08 at CAVE-IN-ROCK age 33 YR
DUTTON, DENNIE died 1902-09-09 at ELIZABETHTOWN age 20 YR
DUTTON, ELIZABETH died 1887-06-22 at ROCK CREEK PREC age 28 YR
DUTTON, NANCY C died 1907-10-12 at age 63 YR
DUTTON, WM J died 1904-08-28 at ROCK CREEK PREC age 68 YR

Extracted from Illinois State Archives website.

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