Hardin County

Matthews Cemetery

Deceased Name
Howard, Annie Elizabeth 02 Jun 189507 Oct 1896daughter of CL & LM
Howard, Charles 10 Feb 189821 Jan 1902son of CL & LM
Matthews, Charlie P07 Feb 186611 Mar 1890son of JH & Frances
Matthews, Elizabeth 01 Feb 181007 Feb 1864wife of Thomas
Matthews, Floyd H18731922
Matthews, Frances A 24 Mar 1842 Wife of John
Matthews, Freddie O17 Jun 188515 Oct 1893son of JH & Frances
Matthews, George W 28 Mar 184730 May 1879son of TB & Elizabeth
Matthews, Henry L18 Dec 187010 May 1892son of JH & Frances
Matthews, James H 184331 Mar 1862Co A 29 Reg IL Infantry; son of George and Eliza (Shipp) Matthews; see Carol's notes
Matthews, James T 05 May 186419 Mar 1902
Matthews, John H15 Mar 183929 Nov 1906Co A Reg 29 IL Infantry
Matthews, John Henan 28 Apr 186802 Jul 1932
Matthews, Juliet 03 May 184105 May 1859daughter of TB & Elizabeth
Matthews, Lunetta 18501925
Matthews, Mary E 18371915
Matthews, Thomas B 22 Apr 180010 Mar 1876
McGraw, Eddie 16 Apr 186625 Aug 1867son of H & H
McGraw, Henrietta 08 Jan 183424 Oct 1888
McGraw, Mary 13 Apr 186328 Jan 1864daughter of Henrietta
McGraw, Olea M 12 Aug 187629 Sep 1876daughter of H & H

Contributed by Peggy Thomas

Notes by Tom A. Minnich

The following list of people are buried in the Matthews Cemetery, which is a small family cemetery in Hardin County, Illinois, near Elizabethtown.

For background information Thomas B. Matthews was born somewhere in Tennessee and came to what would become Hardin County, Illinois, in 1821. He served as 3rd Corporal in Capt. Jonathan Diarman's Company of Mounted Volunteers of Pope County, Illinois, in the Black Hawk War of 1832. He also served as County Treasurer of Hardin County.

Elizabeth Gorham was born in Maine and was brought to Illinois at five years of age. Thomas B. Matthews and Elizabeth Gorham were married November 29, 1832, and had eight children. Their oldest daughter, Henrietta, married a man maned McGraw. She and three of her children, who died youg, are buried here. Henrietta's other daughter, Lillie, married C. L. Howard. Tow of the Howard childre are buried here. The third Howard child, Oliver, died at El Paso, Texas. Lillie and Lorn Howard, I understan, died at Cape Cirardeau, Missouri.

Mary, Juliet, George, and Lunetta Matthews, so far as I know, did not marry.

John H. Matthews, his wife, Frances, and their six boys are buried in a nearby section. Of these, Flloyd has living descendants.

Thomas A. Matthews, the youngest of T. B. Matthews' children, came to Texas in 1877 and had a large number of descendants.

Of the eight Matthews children, this leaves William H. Matthes, b. ca. 1844. This may be the William Matthews with wife Rachel who appear in the 1870 census. After this census I find no further trace of them. However, in the 1880 census a Mary F. Matthews is found living in Elizabethtown with her aunts, Marietta and Lunetta Matthews. I believe this was William's child, but this is a guess. She is buried in Evansville, Indiana.

In addition to the graves, there are two Civil War Veteran markers in the cemetery. One is at the grave of John H. Matthews, listing him as a Co. A 29 Regiment Illinois Infantry. This is incorrect. John H. Matthews was a corporal in Co. F, 131 Regiment Illinois Infantry. I have copies of his muster records and his pension records.

There is a second Civil War Veterans marker near John H. Matthews' marker (there is no grave). It reads: James H. Matthews Co. A 29 Regiment Illinois Infantry. Died March 31, 1862. I do not know who this man is and have no record of his being part of my Matthews family. According to his service records, he was born ca. 1843 in Gallatin County, Kentucky, and he joined the army at Elizabethtown, Illinois, Autgust 13, 1861, and he died in a hospital at Cincinnati, Ohio.

Notes from Carol

I can help out Tom Minnich as to who James H Matthews is. He's the son of George and Eliza (Shipp) Matthews. They came to Hardin County in the early 1850's from Gallatin County, KY. Their son James was born in 1843. He's listed in the 1860 census as James McPherson as Eliza has married Thomas McPherson and all her children are listed as McPhersons. Don't know what happened to George or where he's buried (born between 1803-1809).

Eliza Johns Patton is buried here. Find a grave gives her a birthdate and a death date (1863). It appears there is no headstone. Is there a written record detailing this information for Eliza in the cemetery records? I've seen similar information on Ancestry.com with Mary Ann Ginger listed as daughter (as if she is giving the information). Reason I'm asking is Eliza's in the 1870 census with two of her youngest daughters (has the correct age, too).

Contributed 02 Oct 2018 by Carol [email protected]

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