Hardin County

Hessville Cemetery

A researcher named Carol Ferren submitted the following information: Following is a list of names of Civil War Soldiers, buried at Hessville Cemetery in Cave-In-Rock, Ill.

Charles H. Scott, April 12, 1839 -- Feb. 3, 1875, 48th Ky Mounted Infantry
James Cullison, Jan 29, 1818 -- Jan. 6, 1877, Co. C. 15th Ky. Infantry
Payton R. Patton born 1836 -- Sept. 26, 1876, Co. B. 29th Illinois Volunteers
Benjamin Patton ( birth and death not available), 48th Ky. Infantry Volunteers

Of all the above I am certain they all were from Hardin Co.

Charles Scott was my GGGrandfather, I know he was from Hardin Co. James Cullison, shows in the census of Hardin Co. Payton Patton, was also from Hardin Co. ( his decendents are still living there). Benjamin Patton, I have no proof, other than his name was on the list of Otis Lamar's list of Civil War Soldiers.

Hessville Cemetery has lay in waste for over 80 years, the city had even forgotten it was here, it was being used for a dump, actual dump, old stove, frig, sheet metal and such. Through research of my Scott family, I discovered that was where Charles Scott was buried. The first time I saw the cemetery, you couldn't even tell there was a cemetery there. The only indication we were in the right spot, was direction from two Scott family members who kind of remembered where it was, and we could see several rocks in line formation. My husband and I, contacted to village of Cave-In-Rock, and asked for help in starting the clean up of this area. They have been wonderful, in helping us get this clean up in action. My husband and I have spent many hours with weed eaters, rakes, and etc., there is still alot more work to do, but now you can tell it's a cemetery, and can actually see real headstones.

My GGGrandfather is one of them, so is James Cullison, and Patton Payton, as of yet, we have not found Benjamin Patton, but feel we will, as the clean up continues. My husband Steve is writing an article to be published in the Hardin Co. paper. We are hoping that with the clean up of this cemetery, others will follow. I have promised my friend Wanda Hope, that the Old Patton, now Angleton cemetery will be next.

Hope you will be able to add these names to the list of Hardin Co. Civil War Soldiers.

Thank you so very much.
Carol Ferren

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