Hardin County

1893 - August Richter

AUGUST RICHTER, a farmer residing in township l3, range 6, east, Pope County is a son of Labrachter Richter, who came from Germany to the United States in 1864. The voyage across the Atlantic was made in a sailing-vessel and consumed six weeks. After landing at Baltimore he went at once to Pope County, and lived there about ten years, when he died at Golconda. The mother of the family lived until 1886. They were the parents of thirteen children, two of whom are now living: August, the subject of this sketch. and Ferdinand, who lives at Golconda.

August Richter was born in Germany June 8, 1828, and received his education in his native land. He was educated in Germany, and since coming to this country has made a study of English and he is fairly well informed on all general subjects. In Germany he learned the butcher business, and thinking to have a better opportunity in this country, he came here in 1856. He made the trip across the ocean in a sailing-vessel, and was seven weeks on the deep. This was not considered then so long a voyage as it would be now, when there are numerous steamships capable of making the trip across the Atlantic in less than seven days. He landed in New Orleans with good clothes, boots and shoes, but without money.

Arriving in Pope County, Ill., on the l3th of May, and being industrious and determined to make his fortune, three days afterward Mr. Richter was at work, having hired out at $10 per month. He was employed in this way for three years, and with the thrift and economy characteristic of the German people, he persistently saved what money he could out of his earnings. Later he was engaged for two years at his trade of butcher at Golconda. He then bought the farm of ninety acres which he owns and upon which he lives. It was somewhat improved when he made the purchase, but fire destroyed the buildings, and he then erected his present home. He has made a comfortable home for his family, and has been successful as a farmer.

While Mr. Richter was following his trade as butcher in Golconda he was married to Christiana Rief, who came from Germany with her parents. They settled in Hardin County, and lived there until their death, the mother dying in 1868, and the father in 1872. Mr. and Mrs. Richter have had five children, one of whom died in infancy. The others are: Rosa M., deceased; Christiana and Pauline (twins), the first deceased, the second the wife of C. Cluge; and Mary, at home. Politically Mr. Richter is a Democrat. He is a member of the Lutheran Church and is devoted to its welfare. He is an illustration of what energy, industry and economy can accomplish in a country where the institutions are free, and where every man is given the same opportunity to make a fortune. He began in a new country, among a strange people, and without capital; now he has a good home and is in good circumstances, and is what may be called a thrifty German-American citizen.

Extracted from Biographical Review of Johnson, Massac, Pope, and Hardin Counties, Illinois, published in 1893, page 584

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