Hardin County

1893 - Hezekiah F Morse

HEZEKIAH F. MORSE, a prominent farmer of Pope County, who has resided on his present one hundred and fifty-six acre farm in section 6, township 11, Polk Precinct, for the past thirteen years, was born near his present home January 8, 1844. His father, John Morse, was born in South Carolina in 1815 and was a son of John Morse, who was probably from Georgia. He was a farmer and a preacher of the Regular Baptist Church, for which he labored some twenty years. He came to southern Illinois, locating in what is now Pope County, in 1825, bringing with him a family of three children, and afterward became the father of nine more. Of the children eight were sons and four were daughters.

John, the father of our subject, was the third child and second son in order of birth, and became a well-informed and well-to-do man for the times in which he lived. He died at the age of seventy-five years, at his son David's home near Eddyville, Ill. The mother of our subject was Nancy Buckner, of Saline County, Ill. She and her husband had twelve children, five sons and seven daughters.

Hezekiah F. is the third child and first son. The parents of these children died in Union Precinct, the mother at forty-seven year's of age and the father in his seventieth year. The latter, however, was married twice, and by his last wife had three sons and two daughters. Those living of the first family are as follows: Polly Ann, wife of George Shuffelbarger; Hezekiah F.; Maria, wife of Philip Meler; Harvey, a farmer of Polk Precinct; Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Moyers; Sylvester, a farmer of Union Precinct; Amanda, a maiden lady; David L., a farmer; and Lucinda, Mrs. Luker. Of the second family there are living the following: Richard, unmarried; Celia, wife of Moses Hill; Cordelia, a young lady who is at home with her widowed mother; Jacob and Uriah.

Hezekiah F. Morse received but little education in childhood but has obtained a fair knowledge of books since he became a man. He was married at the age of twenty-five years to Eliza Ann Jackson, who was born in Tennessee and was a daughter of Ephraim Jackson, who came to Illinois, settling in Hardin County in the year 1862, coming from Hamilton County, Tenn. His demise occurred in 1862 and he left his widow with four children, three sons and a daughter. Mrs. Morse's mother now resides on her farm in Pope County, the wife of Jonathan Morse.

Our subject and his wife have lived on a farm in this county ever since their marriage. All their children are living, seven sons and three daughters, viz: Madison E., a school teacher, who is married; Charles W., at home on the farm and attending school; Lemuel P., who at this writing (1893) is seventeen years old; Melvin O., fifteen years of age; Mason B., thirteen; Elbert H, eleven; Melvina, nine; Ethelbert O., seven; Lilly L., four; and Belva S., one and a-half years old. Mr. Morse is a Republican in politics, while in religious matters he is a member of the Methodist Church, in which he is a Trustee. He carries on general farming and is giving his children the best education he can, knowing that it will be invaluable to them in after years. Mr. and Mrs. Morse are both still hearty and strong, and with their fine family of bright, active and promising children are very happy and look forward with the most cheering anticipations to lives of honor and usefulness for their children.

Extracted from Biographical Review of Johnson, Massac, Pope, and Hardin Counties, Illinois, published in 1893, page 392

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