Hardin County

1893 - Rollin J McGinis

ROLLIN J. MCGINIS, M. D. is a son of William McGinis, a native of Pennsylvania, who was reared on the farm and who was well educated for the times. He served as a private soldier in the War of 1812 and took part in several of the battles of that war, some of which were quite severe, such as the battles of Ft. Erie, Buffalo and Black Rock. He was severely wounded several times, and finally died from the effects of his wounds. He had married Nancy Maitland, of Pennsylvania, and by her had five children: Eliza (deceased). Rollin J., Robert, Margaret and John F.

Rollin J. McGinis, the subject of this sketch, was born in Pennsylvania, on the 11th of February, 1821. He was reared on the farm, and attended a subscription school in the country. He afterward attended the Jefferson Medical College at Philadelphia in the year 1841, and also one session in New York, and began the practice of medicine at once. He left Pennsylvania in 1852 and went to Kentucky, locating in Livingston County, and beginning there the practice of his profession. From there he went to Stewart County, Tenn., and contracted to do the practice for three large iron furnaces, the Laura, the Great Western and the Iron Mountain. These furnaces had in their employ about one hundred and forty men, slaves, each. He was employed there two years, and he then removed to Hiland, Marshall County, Ky., where he remained engaged in the practice of medicine for about two years. He then removed to Wadesboro, Ky., in 1859, and remained there until 1861, when, on account of his political opinions, he was compelled to leave that State. He procured a little wood boat and floated down the Ohio River, landing at Metropolis, Ill., but remained there only about a month, when he went on board the steamer "Charley Bowen" and went to Elizabethtown, Ill., and there practiced his profession until 1867. He then removed to Odin, Marion County, Ill., and was engaged there as a specialist for two years. He was then employed on a salary by the Paducah & Elizabethtown Railroad Company, to practice for them at the crossings on the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers. This position he held until 1870, when he returned to Metropolis, and remained there until May 7, 1872, when he returned to Hardin County, and located near Rosiclare, continuing the practice of medicine.

On January 18, 1877, Dr. McGinis removed to his present home and here he has built up a large and profitable practice. He has also a fine and well-improved farm, and is, all in all, one of the leading men of the county. He was married November 6, 1856, to Emeretta Downs, by whom he had two children: Virginia E. R., wife of Pernitt Terrell, a farmer of Hardin County, and Nellie J., wife of Dennis Isom. Mrs. McGinis died, and afterward he married Augusta Jarvis, of Tennessee, by whom he has had five children, two of whom are living: Thomas J., attending medical College at Nashville, Tenn., and Charles F., now practicing medicine at Lamb, Hardin County, Ill. This second wife also died, and he was married July 11, 1878, to his present wife, who was Margaret N. Whitesides, of Pope County, Ill. Dr. McGinis is a Mason, and votes the Republican ticket.

Extracted from Biographical Review of Johnson, Massac, Pope, and Hardin Counties, Illinois, published in 1893, page 487

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