Hardin County

1893 - Virginius Frayser

VIRGINIUS FRAYSER, of Cave in Rock, Ill., is a son of P. C. Frayser, a native of Virginia, and who was of Scotch ancestry. P. C. Frayser was reared in Richmond, Va., and was educated for the law, but not liking the profession he never entered upon its practice. Early in life he removed to Kentucky, settled at Cadiz, Trigg County, and began speculating in cattle. He came to Illinois in 1852, crossing the Ohio River on the ice. He settled in Hardin County, and devoted several years of his life to preaching the doctrines of the Christian Church, being engaged in this work at the time of his death, which took place December 13, 1862. He was married to Hepsy S. Wilburn, a daughter of Richard Wilburn, of Georgia. To this marriage there were born eleven children, viz: Alexander, deceased; Catherine S., wife of M. L. Shelby; Philemon, deceased; Elvira, wife of Richard Shelby, of Kentucky; Elizabeth, deceased; R. C, D. F. and Henry C, all in business at Cave in Rock; Horace, deceased; Virginius; and Mary D., wife of James M. Carr.

Virginius Frayser was born in Kentucky February 24, 1847, and was brought up on the homestead, receiving a good education in the country schools. His father died while he was very young, and he in connection with his brothers began the battle of life in earnest. They were at the time living on rented land, but soon bought a good farm, which they cultivated together for several years, and in 1866 they sold this farm (Virginius giving his part of the proceeds to his mother), and engaged in speculating and in the insurance business at Cave in Rock. Virginius is now serving his second term as Justice of the Peace in his district, and while a great many cases have been tried in his court, yet only one has ever been appealed, and in that case his decision was sustained by the Superior Court. During his service as Justice of the Peace he has united in marriage about forty couples, and claims to have discovered the secret of tying the matrimonial noose in such a way that it will not slip undone. He was married March 26, 1867, to Ellen D. Mitchell, daughter of John Mitchell, of Ireland, who came to the United States in 1831, and died August 28, 1892. John was a brother to James Mitchell, who served as private secretary to President Lincoln. To his marriage with Miss Mitchell there have been born five children, viz: John S., James L., Charles H., Robert M. and Virginia Ross. Mr. Frayser has been very successful as a business man, and is a member of Cave in Rock Lodge No. 444, A. F. & A. M., and is also a Knight of Honor. A man of clear judgment, keen observation and wide experience, the combination of these and other superior qualities eminently fits him for any position of honor to which his fellow-citizens may call him.

Extracted from Biographical Review of Johnson, Massac, Pope, and Hardin Counties, Illinois, published in 1893, page 355

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