Hardin County

Williams Family Bible

submitted by Denise Kneifel

Thomas M. WILLIAMS was born Dec. 2, 1865
Charles L. WILLIAMS was born Dec. 29, 1869
Mary Belle WILLIAMS was born June 1. 1874
Robert E. WILLIAMS was born Feb. 18, 1971
Sallie WILLIAMS was born Sept. 11, 1873
Margaret Ann WILLIAMS was born Feb. 13, 1877 died March 27, 1878 age 1 yr. 3mos. and 14 days
James Robert WILLIAMS was born Oct. 4, 1894 died March 1, 1895 4mos. and 28 days
Laren Arvil WILLIAMS was born May 23, 1896 died Aug. 9, 1896 2mos. and 17 days
Edward M. WILLIAMS was born May 12, 1879
Gurnie WILLIAMS was born July 17, 1899
James W. FRITTS was born Mar. 25, 1884 died April 6, 1884
Harvey L. FRITTS was born Feb. 19. 1885
Belva A, FRITTS was born June 9, 1886
Kattie L. WILLIAMS was born May 7, 1889
Minnie Ann WILLIAMS was born Mar. 5, 1892
Mollie WILLIAMS was born April 14, 1869
John S. CURRY was born Dec. 1, 1861 died June 25, 1923
Em. CURRY was born April 17, 1864 died June 19, 1934
Willie H. CURRY was born July 2, 1881 died Feb. 6, 1917
Minnie A. CURRY was born Sept. 2, 1882
Clara B. CURRY was born July 20, 1884
Robert Henry Fritts was born July 6, 1890 died April 7. 1948
Clara Belle WILLIAMS was born July 20, 1897 Departed this life April 13, 1904
Vergie Mae WILLIAMS was born May 19, 1899 Departed this life April 13, 1904
Lucy Ann SPIVEY was born Aug. 22, 1893 died Aug. 7, 1914

Some marriages:

John S. CURRY was married to E. FERRELL Aug. 5, 1880
Thomas M. WILLIAMS was married to Mollie PHILLIPS Aug. 19, 1888
Charles L. WILLIAMS was married to Georgia E. PARTAIN Feb. 2, 1896
Robert E. WILLIAMS was married to Miss Sallie SMITH Oct.6, 1892

Death entered the quite home of Robert E. Williams Friday, March 1st and stole from them their darling baby, Robbie, after an illness of 13 days of pneumonia fever. We know 'tis hard to give up their only little one they had, but God's will must be done. Dear parents you have one hope and that is to meet that darling one on the banks of sweet deliverance where parting is no more. It's remains where tenderly laid to rest in Pleasant Hill cemetery. We sympathize with the bereaved parents.


Addison CURRY, a well known citizen of Washington precinct, died on Friday last, aged 70 years, 4 mos, and 8 days. Funeral services were held at the residence on Sunday morning last by Rev. R.W. Perdue, after which the remains were laid away in the Masonic cemetery. Mr. Curry was born in Highland Co., Ohio, September 7, 1826, and came to Massac Co. in 1851. During all the years that intervened from 1851 to the date of his death he was a resident of Washington precinct, except a few years spent in Metropolis. In 1852 he was married to Miss Rebecca Bumgardner, a sister of Captain Asa Bumgardner of this city, who survives him, though she has been in feeble health for some time. He leaves no children. Mr. Curry was classed as one of the pioneers in Massac Co., being one of the many sterling men who came from Ohio in search of fresher fields along in the fifties. For the good deeds of his life his memory is respected. May he rest in peace.

At Rest

Death has entered the home of Jonas and Belle Spivey and took from them their darling baby, Hobart, and transplanted into the paradise of God. He was born Aug. 13, 1900, age 3 years and 9 days. He was laid to rest in the Central grave yard.

Dear parents, weep no more for dear little Hobart, for he has gone a joined the heavenly host and while it seems hard it is little Hobart's gain. We lay thee in thy silent tomb. Sweet blossoms of the day: We just begin to view the bloom, When thou art called away: At last released from pains, Our little darling sleep: How calm and peaceful thy repose, While Christ thy soul doth keep.


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