Hardin County

Patton Family Bible

Bible of Estelle Patton McDowell

submitted by Wanda Patton Reed

King James Version published by Thomas Nelson and Sons, 385 Madison Ave. New York City, New York.

Presented to Estelle Patton, Cave-in-Rock, Illinois, R.R. 1, by Mt. Zion Church and Sunday School for her faithful services at Church and Sunday School March 1947.

Family Register:

Orval Esdon Patton of Cave-in-Rock, Illinois and Nina Estelle McDowell, Cave-in-Rock, Illinois were united in Holy Matrimony on the 14th day of December in the year 1921 at home of the groom, Hardin Co. Illinois.


Faye Patton and Beauford Edmondson were married March 11, 1946 at Dixon, Illinois
Wanda Patton and James Fawk were married December 7, 1949 at Morganfield, Kentucky
Gathel Patton and Mosella Partain were married August 21, 1954 at Iuka, Mississippi


Orval Patton was born February 29, 1896
Estelle McDowell Patton was born October 4, 1899


Faye Patton was born October 30, 1922
Wanda Hope Patton was born February 10, 1927
Bobby Dean Patton born 6 August 1928
James Gathel Patton was born May 15, 1931
Melba Patton was born October 11, 1932


Vernon Keith Edmondson was born 1 May 1947
Cheryl Lynn Edmondson was born August 8, 1948
Stephan Esdon Edmondson was born January 21, 1950
Larry Curtis Edmondson was born January 6, 1953
Mary Ellen Fawk was born October 19, 1949
Donna Joyce Fawk was born September 15, 1951
Tommy Joe Fawk was born December 3, 1954
Debra Gayle Patton was born 24 June 1956
Teresa Diane Patton was born 30 September 1957
Karen Sue Patton was born May 6, 1959

Great grandchildren:

Seth Edmondson was born July 14, 1971
Jennifer Rachel Anderson born August 30, 1971 at Dixon, Illinois
Laura Lee Anderson born April 3, 1974 at Dixon, Illinois
Sarah Ninette Anderson born February 17, 1975 at Dixon, Illinois
Jesse Curtis Edmondson was born October 4, 1972
Andrew James Edmondson was born September 20, 1974
Leslie Christine Edmondson born August 29, 1979
Lindsay Michaelle Bufford born in Dixon, Illinois January 29, 1978
Taylior Nichol Bufford born in Iowa August 29, 1981
Breann Lea Bufford bonr in Iowa November 18, 1983


Mary Vaughn died July 8, 1924
Ellen Patton died November 20, 1924
Bobby Dean Patton died June 4, 1930
Madge Marie McDowell Roberts died June 25, 1949
John A. McDowell died July 31, 1949
Stephan Esdon Edmondson died February 15, 1962
Orval Patton died February 8, 1962
Nina Estelle McDowell Patton died 13 September 13, 1974
Dessie Dell McDowell Matthews died April 28, 1990
James Deneen Patton died April 19, 1955
Keith Edmondson died July 9, 1992

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